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Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is innovative and comes with a large 0.78-inch OLED display here, the hardware button that controlled the old Mi Band 2 is gone, it has been replaced with a touch-sensitive touch screen, through which you can control and navigate the functions of the bracelet.

On the screen at any time you will be able to see in detail the time, date, year and month, and even the weather forecast for the next three days! MI Band 3 is almost the same size as the old Mi Band 2, it is quite small and weighs only 20 g, but let's not forget that this is still a bracelet and it should be compact and comfortable.

The bracelet can show you and give you detailed information about the distance traveled, how many steps you took, for how long, and how many calories you burned, Mi Band 3 will also measure your heart rate, heart rate and give you many other useful data with just one touch of a finger. Intelligent technology suits your movements.

As soon as you raise your hand, the bracelet will show the current time - easily and conveniently. And something interesting, if you lose your mobile phone, the bracelet can find it and call at the touch of a button, your phone anywhere as long as it is in the Bluetooth range will sound an alarm.

Built-in functions

Measuring the number of steps and the distance traveled;

Calculation of calories burned;

Heart rate measurement;

Sleep tracking;

Display the caller's number and display notifications;

Mute the smartphone when calling;

Deactivation of the alarm clock from the bracelet;

Weather forecast.

The bracelet has several ready-made training programs.

Display OLED - monochrome
Resolution 128 x 80
Diagonal Display Size 0.78"
Battery Lithium polymer
Capacity 110 mAh
Standby Time 20 day(s)
Wireless Bluetooth 4.2
Color Black
Functions number 30
Sleep monitor Yes
Heart rate Yes
Vibrating alarm Yes
Event reminders Yes
Displays activity data in real time Yes
Environmental Parameters
Max Depth of Water Resistance: 50 m
Min Operating Temperature -10 °C
Max Operating Temperature 50 °C

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