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Gift shop offers you a luxury sextant for navigation, made in a retro design in a stylish wooden box. A sextant is a device that serves to measure the angle between the Sun or a star and a point on the horizon, or to measure a horizontal angle between two objects (most often navigation landmarks). Sir Isaac Newtor himself is thought to have been the first to use such a principle of navigation, but the sextant himself appeared in the 18th century. The set is a great choice for a man's gift for an anniversary and a surprise for a business partner.

Technical data:

  • Precise conveyor
  • Additional glasses
  • High quality handmade
  • Dimensions of the sextant: 96 x 124 x 75 mm
  • Dimensions of the wooden box: 155 x 135 x 85 mm
  • Weight: 1000 grams

Made in Germany.

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