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  • Large 1.1" dynamic color-display
    A great increase in display area makes incoming calls, messages and alerts easier to see and ushers in an era of dynamic dials.
  • 11 professional sports modes
    It supports yoga, rowing machine, jump rope and more for the first time, accurately monitoring and analyzing every move you make. Monitors and analyzes your heart rate, pace and calories burned to help you reach your weight loss goals.
  • Fat-burning rowing machine mode
    Want to burn body fat fast? This exercise trains almost all of your muscle groups at the same time and accurately records drive time, recovery time and strokes per minute, helping to burn fat fast.
  • Full-body shaping and stretching
    Your perfect choice for full-body shaping, enhancing your ability to stretch, flex and coordinate your entire body. Just 3-5 minutes of movement is enough to ease stiffness and to shape your body.
  • Notice anything out of the ordinary
    Comprehensive upgrades to algorithms and hardware have improved monitoring accuracy by up to 50% for forms of exercise with irregular movements such as cross country running, climbing, hiking and so on. Comes vibrating reminders when your heart rate is unusually high.
  • It's easy to get a good night's sleep
    Upgrades to sleep analysis technology have boosted accuracy by another 40%, allowing for professional interpretation of your sleeping patterns. And offers scientific advice to help you quickly improve sleep issues such as insomnia.
  • Personal activity intelligence
    The personal vitality index is calculated using sex, age, heart rate and other data, and gives suggestions for activities that may improve your score.
  • Stress monitoring
    Keeps track of your stress levels and gives suggestions for easing and recovering from stress.
  • Breathing exercises
    Quickly ease your body and mind with a guided breathing exercise of 1-5 minutes' duration, following the breathing patterns shown on the display.
  • Women's health tracking for recording and reminding during the monthly cycle
    Records the menstrual cycle and ovulation phases and gives useful reminders beforehand. The more you use it, the more it understands you.
Product dimensions 18.15 mm / 12.45 mm / 46.95 mm / 11,9g

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