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Family Christmas presents

Family Christmas presents
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Fun for the whole family and friends from another dimension - this is a board game Mysterium in Bulgarian. In it, one of the players becomes a ghost who tries to share his vision, but without talking to the other players, who are mediums.They, in turn, need to understand what he is trying to tell th..
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Thanks to the board game Concept, you no longer need to talk to communicate! By combining universal icons you can suggest the meaning of hundreds of objects, names, titles and characters!Instructions for playing ConceptA team of two players sitting next to each other at the table chooses a word or p..
Ex Tax:54.00лв.
The board game for two 7 Wonders Duel is one of the most popular board games in the world. Here are used some of the familiar mechanics of the main game, but mixed with new challenges and adapted for games with two players. Develop your scientific and military power, build prestigious buildings and ..
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One of the most popular board games on the market is Dixit, which encourages creativity and rich imagination. In the course of each round, 6 cards are dealt to each participant, with each taking turns being a narrator. The one who is right to tell, sees his cards, likes a suitable one and puts it on..
Ex Tax:54.90лв.
Splendor is a great board game for two or more players that will catch you from the first minute of the game! One move - one action, you have no right to make a mistake! The board game Splendor takes you into the world of traders who want to trade and mine gems.Number of players: 2, 3, 4Age: 12+ yea..
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Pizza set of 15 pieces Lancaster LH103 to prepare a delicious pizza at home.Round cutting knife,serving knife,wooden board for cutting and serving,6 pcs. pizza knives,6 pcs. pizza forks.Dimensions: diameter 33 cm.Material: Wood and stainless steelManufacturer Lancaster...
Ex Tax:69.00лв.
Christmas sock with a snowman "Merry Christmas" - CK106..
Ex Tax:14.90лв.
Christmas sock with Christmas tree "Merry Christmas" - CK105..
Ex Tax:14.90лв.
Smallworld (bulgarian) Smallworld (bulgarian)
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