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Eternal cyclist for a desk with solar power - INTSOLAR 6620

A cyclist who constantly pedals the wheel without running a drop of sweat from his face. All this is thanks to the inexhaustible solar energy. This unique innovative gift is part of the Inpro Solar luxury gift collection, model 6620.

A solar cell is installed in the base. When it is illuminated by direct sunlight, it makes the engine run and the cyclist can pedal forever. A similar effect can be achieved with very strong halogen light. The eternal cyclist is a unique gift for men and women, which can be used for original decoration in the home and on the desk in the office.

Please note:

Light sources such as fluorescent lamps, energy-saving light bulbs or LED lamps are not a sufficient source of energy to power the cyclist.

Technical data

Model: Inpro Solar 6620

Weight: 449 g.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 9 x 12 cm

Product dimensions 14,5 x 9 x 12
Weight 0.45 kg

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